Hey there I'm Amy Melksham and welcome to my portfolio. I'm a recent graduated from Design College Australia.


I believe design was never meant to be clean and tidy despite what the final artwork presents. It should be developed through strong creative process and relevant ideas. Though my practice I give my all by squeezing every last drop of brain juice on to a page and letting it fall wherever it may through the process of mind mapping. I then take my brain splatter and piece it back together to generate inventive concepts which though development work and trial and error blossom into the final holistic design.


Throughout my education I have developed a love of looking back throughout history for inspiration. These sources may be varied and include but are not limited to personal memories, design of the past, and also everyday elements that tend to be invisible to most people. I believe by keeping an open mind to all of these things and the experiences of others allow me to create designs that people relate to and understand. It is also important to me in considering eco-friendly and sustainable design practices throughout the process.


Although throughout my work I try to incorporate as many generated elements as possible I believe my work does not look stagnate and dated but a marriage of past and present by keeping my designs as contemporary and idea focused as possible.


Because when you get down to the very basicis of it design is just creative problem solving.


Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or want to get some work on the roll.


download my resumé